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Marius Sinclair | StM App by Spashai Marius Sinclair | StM App by Spashai
EDIT// OIIII we got in!! 8D If you did too, I'd love to RP! wheeeee
ahdgfkjhg. I saw the group and fell in love, basically! StMortiel's setting really appealed to me, so I decided to try out! 8"D
Meet Marius! I've always wanted a character in the Luxray line~
(fyi, the fullbody picture is flat so colours can easily be distinguished; there's a palette there too)

Also, critiques are highly appreciated, and I'm more than happy to go over your app in return!! :'3

--- -- -

name || Marius Theodore Sinclair
age || 15
birthday || 2nd October
gender || male
pokemon || Luxio {#404}

ability || guts {hidden}
nature & characteristic || calm {likes to relax}

height || 170 cm
weight || 54 kg
type || electric

hometown || sunyshore city

personality || {+} intelligent, mannerly, organized, loyal | {o} reserved, chilled, competitive | {-} choosy, snobbish, secretive
{+} - Marius is smart. This Luxio knows what he's doing, and strives to achieve the highest, so he can successfully continue the family business. He is also cultured.
- Marius is very polite; since he was taught to always have good manners, doing things like holding open doors and saying please and thank you are second nature to him.
- He likes to be organized and plan ahead, although usually his plans stay in his mind and not on a list.
- Marius is loyal, as he likes to stick with anyone he likes or finds valuable to him, and will make sure they're happy.

{o} - Marius is reserved around most people. The only people he'll show more emotion to would be family and close friends.
- He's relaxed and easy-going most of the time. This can be a good or a bad thing, depending on the situation!
- Marius is competitive and likes to be the best; however, this is usually his drive to actually do things, and he rarely takes competition very seriously.

{-} - Marius is very choosy and picky in many respects. This goes from being a picky eater, to being choosy with who he hangs out with; he will decide quickly if you're not someone worthy of being a proper acquaintance. Also, he won't bother working hard on anything he's not interested in.
- He can be rather snobbish; he doesn't want to be around common people or doing common things, and he has very high standards.
- Marius is secretive, and will often keep things from people; even if they're close, he may be slow to tell them stuff.

history || -
A Luxray family living in a mansion on the outskirts of Sunyshore city...the first child was Marius. His parents were delighted; a boy who could carry on the family heritage, a large and prosperous TM and HM business based in Sunyshore. What's more, the boy grew up actually wanting to carry on the company; his mother and father got lucky.

Marius was brought up well. He was sent to the best day school around for his primary schooling (and a little secondary), and at home was taught how to be a gentleman, mannerly even to the roughest of commoners, a high and valuable member of society. He was polite and well-behaved. Everything at home was great; Marius had a good relationship with his parents and his two younger brothers (even if they were a little jealous that he was the heir to everything), and home life was good, as the mansion was well looked after with a handful of loyal staff. It was boring sometimes, since every day was rather similar and he was constantly under the eye of somebody, but Marius liked it well enough.

After a while, Marius was ready for boarding school, as most family members were sent to one. His parents didn't have to think too hard about where to send him; where else but St Mortiel's Academy? Their son was going to take over the family business, he was smart, and needed the best education he could get. So they sent in an application to the school. Marius was interested. Sure, he'd have to be away from the luxuries of his home and neighbourhood, but how bad could it be? Perhaps he could have some 'jolly good fun' with a new start, on his own, a new sort of freedom. So, he waited for an acceptance letter from the renowned academy...

level || 24
tm/hm/egg/tutor moves || ice fang {a family trait move; useful for ground types} | thunderbolt {a tm gift from his father; a special attack to rely on}

grade || 3rd
schedule || algebra III | chemistry II | unova history | latin III | creative writing II | drawing and painting | pe & health III | religious studies | battle
extracurricular || fencing | chess club

trivia || - 
- I have another sort-of-character called Marius (offspring of two characters of mine) because I love the name Marius so much sobs
- Has a slightly more cyan blue colouring to him than most Luxios; this runs in the family
- Likes to keep clean, and doesn't like dirt at all; will get frustrated if mud/food/etc gets on him/his clothes
- Speaks with a pronounced English accent; a combination of a British household and elocution lessons
- Often throws very English words/phrases into his speech; "Jolly good" and "I say" being the most common
- Doesn't like swearing (unless it's for a good reason). He thinks it's vulgar
- Tall, but quite thin and light too (I think, I'm terrible with height and weight judging akjhgsdfkjhg)
- Favourite sweet is Turkish Delight :3
- Is repulsed at the thought of fast/junk food. Will only eat high quality
- Is looking forward to attending a school with people like him (the day school was more upper-middle class than upper), mostly so people won't try to be his friend for the money
- Likes to be called by his last name by acquaintances and will tell them to do so upon meeting them. If he thinks you're a friend, he'll let you call him by his first name
- Bad habit of sniffing instead of blowing his nose
- Is a decent artist, but is terrible at creative writing since he isn't interested in it. The only reason he took it was because he didn't want to do speech (was taught it at home)
- Recently had braces removed, so he has very straight teeth. He also has a lengthy tooth-brushing schedule every night, including floss and mouthwash
- He keeps his hair quite long, but just short enough not to be called a girl by his brothers
- Hopes to evolve into a Luxray in the near future
- Student number; #0566 (so I don't forget omg)
:new: - Marius is ticklish, and he hates being tickled (unless you're close to him)
- His two brothers are called Lorcan (11) and Tobias (7)

- -- --- -- -
Art © Spashai • Characters © Spashai Luxio by Pokemon
Do not copy/redistribute/claim/edit my art in any way.
14 4 2014

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StarFaceTheGreat Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
i saw this one and was really happy to see him in. q v q <333
dat hair ; w ; 
may i send some sort of request to roleplay with you? : D I understand if not!
Spashai Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Student General Artist
Ahhh thank you so much 8"D
Of course, go ahead!! I'd love to RP with Jackie asdfghkllfgj<33
Melodious-X Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Your art is so nice and shiny omigosh kjdsgfkas *A*

I'd love to rp sometime yess ksjgdaskj <3
Spashai Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Student General Artist
Ahhhh thank you so much!! QwQ<33

Yeah, me too! 8D We can do so whenever you like! Leilani is such a cute character asdfgghjj
Thalateya Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Spashai Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Student General Artist
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Thalateya Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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I prolly won't get in OTL
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Yeah, I was expecting that to happen! Maybe they've already done that, though...
oh shush, if I can get in then you most definitely can x'D
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Shush shush. They're appready about halfway though.
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